Charlie Rutherford

Business Development Director, Boveda

Charlie’s story is what informs all Boveda’s work in cannabis. 3 years ago, he was struck by a careless driver on his motorcycle and although he walks with the grace of a ballerina, he lost his left foot. To alleviate his phantom limb pain enough to sleep, he wasn’t willing to continue taking more and more opiates. In skeptical desperation, he tried cannabis and since then, became a believer and a MN patient.

It’s that passion for the industry and belief if cannabis that fuels Boveda’s work in cannabis. We continue developing new products to make cannabis curing, storage and merchandising safer and easier, while increasing the quality of cannabis and eliminating money lost to evaporation. As the only 2-way humidity control in the world, we feel it’s on us to research how different levels of humidity effect the efficacy of flower.

The world is moving towards packaging all flower with Boveda as Native Roots, Marley Naturals and a number of other large upcoming announcements make clear. Moisture control is a critical component of safety and quality and Boveda as the expert and Charlie as the face is a great option for a talk on a subject everyone would agree is important – extending the shelf life of cannabis while in perfect condition.


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December 22, 2016

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