Brett Mouser

Co-Founder/Owner, Chief Operations & Marketing Officer, Mahatma Concentrates

Brett D. Mouser – Co-Founder/Owner- Chief Operations & Marketing Officer of Mahatma Concentrates based in Denver Colorado. Mahatma Concentrates was established in 2010, as a commercial grow and a boutique concentrate company. Prior to the Mahatma start up, Brett’s background and skill set comes from successful careers as an Executive Chef/Restaurant owner, trained in San Francisco in 1991, as well as in the financial sector, as owner of a Mortgage Company here in Colorado for 9 years. After the fall of the mortgage crisis in 2008, it was time to make another career change. In 2009, the “perfect storm” was created in Colorado, Brett decided to parlay his expertise as an entrepreneur and jump into the new emerging Colorado marijuana marketplace. The Mahatma Organization is at the forefront of marijuana extraction, leading by example with integrity and dedication to all aspects as it relates to its business development, in the marijuana space.

Prior Speaking engagements: NCIAInfused Products & Extraction Symposium OCT 2014


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