Autumn Rose Karcey

President, Cultivo, Inc.

Industrial Cultivation, Facility Designer, and Optimization Specialist

Autumn Karcey is the President of Cultivo, Inc., a design and engineering firm specializing in industry specific solutions for cannabis cultivation and retail dispensaries.  Cultivo, Inc. designs OSHA certified GMP indoor cultivation facilities and greenhouses for all legal markets. Cultivo’s innovations are based on clean room methodologies while streamlining agricultural productivity. Cultivo, Inc. also manufactures state of the art custom fabricated equipment and automation technologies seen nowhere else in the industry.

As one of Los Angeles’s leading medicinal cannabis cultivators for over a decade Ms. Karcey was in charge of vertically integrating medical cannabis to over twenty Pre-ICO dispensaries in and around Los Angeles, CA. This model created a zero tolerance for crop failure. This model made it imperative for Ms. Karcey to create optimal indoor environments in which cannabis can be grown in a healthy, stable manner free of pests and pathogens without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Ms. Karcey takes a logical, consistent, and scientific approach when she designs cultivation sites. She combines the use of modern clean room technology, industrial agricultural equipment, custom fabricated equipment, high-end security systems, and sensor systems in order to create world-class facilities of enduring value. To date, Ms. Karcey has built, designed, and consulted on facilities in over ten states and thee countries. In addition, Ms. Karcey has consulted on the licensing, staff augmentation, design and construction of over 25 dispensaries.

As a case study, Ms. Karcey’s largest design consisted of a 315,000 square foot facility in Nova Scotia. During this project, Ms. Karcey worked closely with the PhytoSciences Team pertaining to laboratory design. Mr. Karcey worked with PhytoSciences Inc. and their team of 30+ PhD research scientists, led by Dr. Pritesh Kumar, to optimize their laboratory designs for manufacturing and Quality Control.

Ms. Karcey’s current design includes phase one a 30,000 square foot facility on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Together, Ms. Karcey and her team of industry specific professionals — comprised of architects, engineers, cultivators, and scientists– work to provide aid and understanding of indoor, greenhouse, outdoor cultivation environments, and retail operations.

Overall, Ms. Karcey’s goal is to help educate lawmakers, patients, and scientists in order to implement standards and protocol for future facilities by maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance in order to deliver safe effective medical grade cannabis to the scientific community for research and development, as well as medical patients in all legal markets.


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June 5, 2015