Ashley Heddy

Regional Manager, BioTrackTHC’s Training and Support Services

For years, Ashley Heddy has dedicated herself to the idea that the cannabis industry should be legal, transparent, and accessible to all. This has led her to amass an impressive track record of helping businesses operate and remain complaint. Ashley currently serves as one of the Regional Managers for BioTrackTHC’s Training and Support services and manages the company’s efforts throughout the West Coast. When she is not helping cannabis businesses thrive, she is spending time with her family. She enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and children(dogs) and is a proud military spouse. As a native Oklahoman, she is passionate about bringing the cannabis industry to patients without access to a more holistic form of medicine.

She has been with BioTrackTHC since the launch of the Washington State Traceability System administered by the company on behalf of the WSLCB. She has lived in Washington since the launching of the state’s recreational program and has become an industry veteran herself throughout the program’s evolution. Ashley is a subject matter expert in cannabis tracking software and regulatory compliance. She provides a unique knowledge-base that can only be gained through the experience that comes from working with six different government tracking programs, mastering the regulatory landscape for 25 different states and four countries, and helping foster consultative relationships with over 1,800 cannabis business owners throughout the nation.

Ashley’s unique perspective over the nationwide cannabis industry positions her as an authority in the space, with the ability to speak in depth in regards to various topics. These include but are not limited to regulatory compliance, operations and financial reporting, and best practices for all business types within the field.

Ashley has a background in marketing and public relations, as well as experience in technology and cooperate training.


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August 9, 2016

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