Alexis Bortell

Alexis Bortell

Alexis Bortell is not your ordinary 12-year-old girl.  She is a young girl thrust into the very adult world of medical cannabis.  Alexis began having seizures at 7 years old and after exhausting all ‘safe’ pharmaceutical options Alexis’s family turned to the only safe option left available to her:
Cannabis.  This meant Alexis would have to join a largely unknown community of cannabis patients known as “Medical Marijuana Refugees”.  Forced from her home state of Texas or face prison, her family fled Texas’s war on patients to seek life-saving treatment in Colorado Alexis has settled into
her new adopted home state and continues to advocate for medical freedom for all cannabis patients.

Alexis has been featured in worldwide documentaries covering her advocacy work not only for medical cannabis patients but her new “Patches of Hope” project which will provide free usda certified organic garden vegetables grown on her farm to hungry people in need including her
beloved cannabis refugee community.

Avery Bortell is Alexis’s younger sister.  She is 8 and for the period Alexis was suffering debilitating seizures she had to watch in horror and play the ‘big sister’ role.  Now that her sister is free from her seizure monster thanks to cannabis, Avery and Alexis are co-founders of the Patches of Hope
project.  Avery looks forward to many years of playing with her sister and riding bikes like other kids thanks to this terribly misunderstood plant.

Analiza Bortell is Alexis and Avery’s mother.  She is a military veteran and recipient of the “Navy Achievement Medal” for her accomplishments overseas on active duty.  She met her husband of 20 years, Dean Bortell, while stationed at Naval Air Station Keflavik Iceland.  She has a degree in
Computer Science but is now retired on their Colorado farm where she enjoys the best job she has ever had: “Mom and Patches of Hope volunteer.”.

Dean Bortell is Alexis and Avery’s dad.  Dean is a disabled military veteran and retired medical software engineer.  His military disabilities limit some of his physical and mental abilities but he still dedicates every minute he is physically able to volunteer for his daughters on the “Patches of Hope” project.  He understands that Alexis’s cannabis use will limit her future career opportunities and dedicates his teachings with Alexis to creating jobs for cannabis patients where medical discrimination will not be tolerated.  Alexis often quotes him saying “Dad won’t allow us to say ‘get a job’.  Instead, he makes us live by the motto: ‘create a job’”.


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January 19, 2018

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