AC Braddock

CEO, Eden Labs

AC Braddock is a career entrepreneur. Her ability to recognize market trends and establish a profitable enterprise within a short time frame has been a hallmark of her success.

Ms. Braddock met Fritz Chess, Founder of Eden Labs, in the late ‘90s. Sharing a keen interest in plants as medicine, she was impressed with his botanical extraction knowledge and his ability to engineer highly sophisticated extraction systems that were easy to operate and affordable. At this point, he had already developed the Coldfinger design and Eden’s first generation CO2 system, becoming the first person in the US to extract Kava Kava and Cannabis with CO2.

In 2007 Ms. Braddock left her position as Sales and Marketing Director for a multi-million dollar Built Green construction project to become Head of Sales and Marketing at Eden Labs. In 2010 Ms. Braddock became CEO of Eden Labs and has successfully transformed the company into a highly respected multi-million dollar extraction technology powerhouse.

A member of two of Washington’s Cannabis Business Women’s groups; WOW (Women of Weed) and the MJBA’s Women’s Alliance, Ms. Braddock is dedicated to creating a new way of corporate structure in this emerging industry. She is also a board member of the Council of Responsible Cannabis Regulation and NCIA. She resides in Seattle Washington.


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