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Sherry Glaser: Taking The High Road

Welcome: Jazmin Hupp Intro

Lynette Shaw: Inventing The First Licensed Dispensary In History

Meg Sanders: What I Learned from Taylor


AC Braddock: Building A Brand & Company Culture

Jaime Lewis: Forgetting Regret

Natalie Simone: Showing Up

Genifer Murray: How I Lost My Company

Alicia Syrett: Your Dollars & Actions Are Your Vote

Renee Gagnon: What About Her Dream?

Sheri Orlowitz: Putting The “Biz” In Cannabis

Jeanne Sullivan: Five Stupid Things That Entrepreneurs Do Over & Over Again

Jessica Dugan: Mindfulness Break

Betty Aldworth: Be Your Own Trophy Wife

Sara Batterby: The Unexpected Secrets To A Successful Raise

Maureen McNamara: Is Comparison Thieving Your Joy?

Daniella Vergara: Cannabis Genomics

Grandma Rose Grows

Melissa Etheridge: The Cannabis Paradigm

Moriah Barnhart: Mom Really Does Know Best

Greta Gaines: Hemp History

Jane West: Cannabis Cured My Impostor Syndrome

Ellen Komp: Tokin’ Women – A 4,000 Year Herstory

Cathie Warner: Safe Cannabis – Why Women Will Lead The Way

Heather Manus: The Endocannabinoid System 

Rachel Speegle: Welcoming New Patients

Alison Ettel: Cannabis & Pets

Shea Gunther: The Birth of the Student Drug Reform Movement

Leah Maurer: Going Grassroots – Normailizing The Cannabis Conversation In Mainstream America

Steve Fox: How Women Will Lead The Transition From A lcohol-Dominated World To Cannabis-Enhanced Culture

Kiana Hughes: Changing The Conversation About Cannabis

Lauren Gibbs: Make Your Business Human

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