Women Grow Webinar Series: Cannabis Industry Opportunities through Pitching Investors

There are a lot more opportunities in the cannabis industry than you might think. Learn how to research the cannabis industry, pick the best area to focus on, define your role, and build your business team. This is a great webinar series to share with your friends who are curious about the cannabis industry but haven’t gotten started yet.

Discovering and vetting business ideas is the first step in creating your cannabis business. First you’ll learn why 90% of startup businesses fail and what you’ll need to do differently to succeed. We’ll cover how to define what you’d like to do, how to research customers you’d like to serve, and how to fit your solution with a customer need. We’ll also cover outlining your business plan, testing your idea, recruiting your team & advisors, business funding options, how to pitch investors and more. You’ll have an outline of how to go from researching the cannabis industry to pitching an investor with your business idea.

About the Presenters
Jazmin Hupp is the Co-founder & Executive Director of Women Grow, which connects, educates, and empowers the next generation of cannabis industry leaders by creating programs for aspiring and current business executives. Building upon over a decade of entrepreneurship in technology and retail, she consults women (and a few men) starting businesses in the legal cannabis field.

Maureen McNamara is the Founder and Chief Facilitator with Cannabis Trainers™ a corporation founded to create and deliver solutions for the Cannabis Industry. She has combined her skills and expertise with Food Safety and Responsible Alcohol Service into a comprehensive, engaging new program to ensure the Responsible, Knowledgeable and Safe Sale of Cannabis: Sell-SMaRT™, safe marijuana retail training.


Cannabis Industry Opportunities

Clarifying Your Cannabis Business Ideas


Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition

Building Your Team




Getting Double Done With Half The Resources





Financial Highlights for Entrepreneurs



Investor Pitch Deck


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