Kym Ferrari

Curator, 4 Love Oil

Kym Ferrari has been an advocate for women’s rights and medical cannabis advocate throughout her life. Residing in Marin County California with her loving husband of 44 years, Kym is the curator of 4 LOVE Oil, the first marketed cannabis hormone alternative therapy. Since Sept. 2014, she has been vaginally applying organic cannabis infused coconut oil. The results were time reversing and verified by Dr. Lizellen Lafollette.

Impressed, Kym started and funded the first unofficial medical study to investigate the systemic absorption of THC applied via mucous membranes (vagina or anus). By the end of 2015, she had provided over 4000 samples to verified medical patients through local collectives and legal cannabis events at The Emerald Cup, High Times and Hempcon. THC is a bio-identical hormone to progesterone. Patient results indicate that THC appears to activate progesterone signaling pathways.

The systemic absorption of cannabis is the most effective method to supplement our bodies endocannabinoid system. Kym is eager to share her knowledge and the miraculous results she has witnessed with you and your colleagues. One-on-one or in a group, Kym is able to present systemic cannabis in simple and easy to understand manner. Improve the lives of your patients; arrange for your collective to participate in this medical study. 4 LOVE is marketed under a not-for-profit mutual corporation.

Kym participated in Marin County’s recently passed, Marijuana Ordinance that will license four dispensaries. She is also a local advocate for the California’s Medical Marijuana Regulations and Safety Act. She attended her first Women Grow meeting in January 2016 where she won a ticket to Denver’s leadership conference. Kym and Lynnette Shaw, speaker, and the godmother of Cannabis, journeyed to the conference together! She was inspired and empowered by the direction, knowledge and compassion of Women Grow. Kym joined Women Grow as an industry leader with one goal, to “share her knowledge, enhance and improve the lives of women around the world”. She invites all cannabis patients to participate in this crowd-sourced research.

Created to help people find the highest quality medicines, Kym founded and operates Ferrari 420 Tours a.k.a. 420TOURS.US and Bay Area Dreams LLC. Since 2010, she has been providing complimentary consultations, educating and connecting patients, doctors and high quality medicine through legal collectives.

Kym has helped educate many children over the years and has a special place in her heart for differently-abled children. She is an ordained minister and has training in grief therapy. She has a background in and understands the importance of systemic enzymes in our lives. She owns and operates Ferrari Of Marin providing complimentary systemic enzyme consultations since 2005. At 47, she was on top of Yosemite Falls. At 49, due to disabling fibromyalgia and neurological pain she needed a wheelchair and was down for the count. Systemic Enzymes turned the tide for her. Along with her systemic dose of 4 LOVE Oil, Kym takes VitalzymXe systemic enzymes daily. She still wrestles with chronic pain but is able to manage it better using these two systemic treatments.

Kym worked for the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company for 23 years. As a senior systems analyst, she worked with IBM on OS2 early site testing. She developed and taught information technology (IT) educational courses, designed for different audiences, from IT operational staff members to business executives. Kym is an excellent analyst, mediator and educational liaison and speaker.

In 1997, Kym and her husband joined Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana (MAMM) the first licensed dispensary in the world. They supported Lynnette Shaw’s MAMM, other Marin County collectives and medical patients until 2011. The federal government threatened the property owners, which quickly shutdown MAMM and then the others.

Born in Seattle on Mother’s day, in 1954, Ms. Ferrari grew up along the California coast. Kym had problems focusing. She suffered from headaches, dyslexia and dyscalculia as a result of two skull fractures received at age nine. Kym moved from Orange County at twelve and was quickly introduced to marijuana at San Rafael High School, now known as 420 High.

Her life became more focused and her headaches dissipated. She was hooked on the positive medical benefits of pot. In 1968, the words “medical weed” were rarely spoken. Weed was supposed to destroy our children and cause anarchy, according to the government propaganda film Reefer Madness. Something did not add up. Smoking pot allowed her to focus and feel better.

It was illegal in the US and punishable by death in foreign lands. Disillusioned by the government’s deception, Kym found support in the local Grateful Dead scene. By 1970, Northern California was starting to produce amazing flowers to replace the tasteless imported Mexican bricks containing mostly seeds and stems. At sixteen, Kym found the courage to give 4 joints to her parents and tell them about her habitual marijuana habit.

At 17, Kym signed up for auto shop class at 420 High. Denied she collected 30 young ladies who wanted to learn about cars. Denied again she collected signatures from parent, students and San Rafael citizens. Even though Kym did not get to attend, the following year the high school offered one class for the girls, thus opening the gates for equal education and opportunities. Many years later, Kym was pleased to meet the first women auto shop teacher.

Today, Kym Ferrari remains an activist and leader for social reform, gender equality, and accessible health care. Arrange for Kym to speak at your event, providing educational lectures and training sessions to your group through Women Grow.

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March 6, 2016