Julie Dooley

President & Founder, Julie’s Baked Goods

Julie Dooley of Denver began creating edibles that are as natural as cannabis in 2009.  The company’s specific expertise is in a clarified butter extraction and has recently added infused coconut oil to the growing product line.  Keeping the cannabutter and canna-coconut oil strain-specific has allowed the company to explore benefits found uniquely with each type of cannabis. The product line now consists of healthy, refined sugar free, gluten free edibles such as fresh granola and roasted seed mix to fill a need for patients with compromised digestive systems as well as tailoring products for low anxiety and high libido 🙂

Although research and development is where she has a true passion, Julie now spends much of her time in work groups with the state of Colorado and Colorado Business Alliance helping to define new regulations that encourage safe use for the public while at the same time being practical for manufacturers who will eventually have to implement the regulations.  She is also a proud member of NCIA, MPP and Woman Grow.

Julie is a happy wife of 21 years and proud mother of three teenagers, all of whom are experts on the subject of cannabis.


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