Julie Berliner

Founder & CEO, Sweet Grass Kitchen

Julie Berliner is the Founder and CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen, a Denver-based edible cannabis manufacturer founded in 2009. Sweet Grass Kitchen specializes in cannabutter-based edibles, and distributes to over 150 centers throughout Colorado. In addition to her role at Sweet Grass Kitchen, she is also a founding member and chair of the Cannabis Business Alliance Edibles Council. Julie has represented the edibles industry as a panelist on workgroups organized by the Marijuana Enforcement Division to develop policies on infused product serving size and potency levels.

Julie graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in education and psychology in 2008. When a friend asked that her popular chocolate chip cookie recipe be infused with cannabis for sale at his dispensary, she decided to take a left turn and launched Sweet Grass Kitchen. The company’s products are ┬áinfused with single strain, full-flower cannabis plant, grown in house to ensure a consistent, safe, and reliable crop-to-table confection.


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