Antuanette Gomez

Business Owner, Pleasure Peaks

Antuanette is an International Speaker on Tantra, Cannabis and Psychedelics , She is a Tantric Sex + Relationship Coach and an advocate for Women’s Rights, Gender Equality and Sexual Oppression of Women. 
Antuanette is a self made business woman born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She has always been a flower child, working with herbs and cannabis in alternative therapies at a young age. She found that spirit plants can be very healing and great for creating room for your spiritual growth. Her background is in Holistic Nutrition, Yoga Teaching, Tantra and Psychedelic studies. Her expertise is in Shakti/Feminie Energy and using this powerful energy to increase sensuality and closeness with friends, family and loved ones in relationships and even in businesses. 
By being empowered by having a beautiful love life she’s been able to accomplish everything she’s ever wanted. 
Find her at, on FaceBook, and on Twitter @PleasurePeaks, or Instagram @Pleasure_Peaks

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November 11, 2016

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