Congratulations Women Grow Toronto!

Congratulations Women Grow Toronto!

April 6th, Toronto relaunched its market with a successful meeting. Market leaders hosted about 100 people. Theme for kickoff meeting was “Don’t start Entrepreneurship in the Cannabis Industry without proper Legal Counsel first!”

With an all-female panel of corporate attorney’s  discussing topics surrounding Canadian Law Compliance. The market thought it was critical to engage this discussion seeing how federal legalization is being proposed to legislation in Canada. We are proud of Antuanette Gomez & Melissa Rolston for bringing back this important market and we wish them continued success.

If you plan on visiting the Toronto area make sure to connect with our market leaders [email protected] perhaps to attend an event.



  1. Hello Ladies
    I am so excited and pleased that you young women are taking a leading role in the Cannabis business. I as a bit older woman, I love seeing you and this business grow and succeed. I have invested in the cannabis business and am looking for guidence into the Canadian market. I beleive there is one company that has license on both coast of Canada, I am very interested in receiving information about this company. However I am not sure which company it is. My information leaves me with 3 companies and I am not sure if my information is correct: Cannabis Science CBIS…. Cannabis Pharmiaceutical Inc. CNBX, and
    CV Science Inc. CVSI.
    I so apperciate any information you may have.
    Toni Watkins

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