Announcing Southwest – Our First Regional Market Leadership

Announcing Southwest – Our First Regional Market Leadership

We are very excited to announce our first regional market leadership — MaryJane Marketing (MJM), a Women Grow Cornerstone Leader Member and digital-focused Cannabis consulting group, will begin overseeing the Southwest region growth strategy for Women Grow. The markets will include Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Las Cruces (New Mexico). Leveraging 40+ years of combined mainstream experience and an extensive network of partners, MJM is leading the transformation of “taboo” underground images into user-friendly, mainstream branded Cannabis experiences. The group provides strategic marketing, brand management and digital strategy support to elevate high-potential Cannabis-related companies at every stage of development.

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Dasheeda Dawson, Regional Market Leader.

Under the strategic direction of corporate cross-over executive Dasheeda Dawson, the MJM team will be kicking off the “Women Grow Change” regional strategy and campaign with re-opening and revamping of the Phoenix market.  This market will be led by Parisa Mansouri-Rad. From Target to THC, Dasheeda has successfully launched and managed multi-million dollar brands for companies such as Target Corporation, Victoria’s Secret and Fullbeauty Brands prior to founding MaryJane Marketing in 2016. At her first Women Grow meeting, Dasheeda met Parisa and a friendship and business relationship was formed. A respected voice in the Arizona Cannabis community, Parisa is the Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships for MJM, the Fundraising Chair on the board of Mom Force AZ, and a volunteer for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). The team’s first Phoenix Signature Event will be in May 2017, with Las Vegas and Las Cruces markets fully opened by August 2017.

WG - PHX Announcement

Parisa Mansouri-Rad, Market Leader Phoenix.

If you are interested in becoming a Market Leader for Las Vegas or Las Cruces please apply here  If you are interested in becoming a chair member for Phoenix, Las Vegas or Las Cruces please email [email protected].  As a chair member you are supporting the Market Leaders initiatives in organizing meetings, events and other opportunities to expand your community.

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  1. Good day, my name is Ava Owens. I am a two resident of Lawrenceville Georgia. I’m sure you know that we are a prohibition state for marijuana. I would love to start a chapter here in Atlanta. I have been interested in becoming a marijuana entrepreneur for over 20 years now, but never had the finances or the connections to make such a move; and I’m not quite sure how much it would take to begin this venture. I would love to retire now but I don’t have a retirement income. I am a 61-year-old special education teacher, who was forced to start life over again here in Georgia. 2015, I was faced with divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossession of my car and a job loss, all in a six-month period, in St. Louis, Missouri. My baby girl urged me to move to Georgia to live with her and start a new life. In September 2016 I buried my mother. She left my siblings send me a small inheritance and I currently have about $6000 left in my savings account that I could use to start the Women Grow chapter movement here in Atlanta. I know it’s not much but that’s my life in a nutshell. I would love to rub elbows with this organization. Please advise!!

    • I too am retired (66 years young) and I want to learn about and develop oils for medicinal use. I developed RA and I was amazed at the healing properties of CBD. Did you have luck making contact? I too am interested in joining WomenGrow.

  2. Hello, I want to change career and step a foot into the women grow industry. Would like to know if you are able to guide me the right away. I am currently located in Laveen Az. I could be reach via email at [email protected]


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